Designed as part of SEE-ING: The Environmental Consciousness Project - an exhibition hosted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. An essay in the twin forms of drawing and film, Between the Retina and the Dome considers the figures that constitute the architecture of vision. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s late obsession with the anaglyph, as well as the burgeoning presence of contemporary visual technology such as virtual reality, the project seeks to provoke a renewed understanding of visual perception and stereopsis (how the brain creates a single image of the world from two curved and inverted images).


The project centres itself around two main figures. Firstly, the Chiasma portrays the complex micro-anatomy of vision, exposing the rupture of images formed in the retina. Secondly, the Horopter attempts to draw a binocular picture    plane – a malleable veil that casts objects which fall into its visual field. These figures sit within an archipelago of associated characters and circular diagrams, effortlessly shifting scale from microscopic to cosmic.




Between the Retina and the Dome

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John Cruwys